Crossing Over

Jesus calms the stormy seas… How many times have I not heard this story, how many times have the words about “have faith” not drenched my thoughts like a soaked rag. The problem of hearing something as famous as this story over and over is that it looses its power, its meaning and strength. We become so accustomed to stories from the word of God that it becomes exactly that “stories”. We tend to read without engaging the true nature of who we are, we scan the words without understanding that these words where meant for deep conversation with our heart and soul.

Have we lost the art of conversation, of listening with our heart?

As so many times before I sat in bed motionless, my lips lightly clasped on a warm cup of coffee, every breath I exhale creating short spurts of blurred vision as the steam from the coffee covers my stark stare at the cupboard door. My thoughts hurdling at a thousand miles a second trying to find any sense on why I should get up and face this day?